Technology Must Haves Before You Travel

(BPT) – Good news, there’s still time for one more trip before winter sets in again but you need to start planning now. Preparing for and enjoying a trip has never been easier thanks to advancements in the latest technology so before you grab your bag and go, make sure you’ve added each of these tech items.

Glasses to read by

A dependable pair of reading glasses is a must for any trip, and Foster Grant’s e.readers protect your eyes whether you’re reading or watching. Overexposure to harmful blue light, emitted by tech devices, can cause eye strain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision. “It’s scary, the devices we are staring at for hours on end are now thought to be damaging our eyes and vision,” says Dr. Justin Bazan. “As an optometrist, informing and protecting my patients is a priority, which is why I recommend Foster Grant e.readers. Their advanced lens design will block the harmful blue light that is emitted by our digital devices.”

Plan ahead

Exploring a new locale is half the fun of a vacation, so plan ahead to ensure you leave yourself time to wander and money to do it with. There are several smartphone apps that can be downloaded for free, and they can be used to compare prices on airline tickets, hotel stays and event options.

Find your luggage

Worried about losing your luggage on your flight? Get a luggage tracker. This compact device clips to your luggage and allows you to track its whereabouts with your smartphone or tablet. It’s always better to know where your luggage is, even if the answer may horrify you.

Multi-focus glasses for a multi-purpose trip

If you’ve ever left your reading glasses behind at home because you were afraid of losing them while traveling, a pair of Foster Grant Multi Focus Advanced Readers can help. These glasses offer three different magnification zones in a single pair of reading glasses, allowing you to use your glasses as readers but still focus on things far away. The result is that you’ll never have to take your reading glasses off or risk losing them while you’re traveling. “My patients appreciate the level of ease at which they are able to see all of their working distances at,” says Dr. Bazan. “They love the fact that they no longer have to have multiple pairs of reading glasses.”

In case of an emergency

No one likes to think about the worst, especially on vacation. Accidents, however, do happen and having an emergency cellphone on you isn’t a bad idea. Emergency cell phones run on AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about charging them. In fact, just one battery can last 15 years if the phone isn’t used. These phones also have built-in panic sirens and even an SOS flash. Make sure to add a local SIM card if you are traveling abroad.

Technology makes traveling easier than ever, and now is a great time for one more vacation. Start your travel plans today and don’t forget to pack your tech. To learn more about glasses options from Foster Grant, visit